What to pack when coming to El Gouna (Updated List For 2019)

Coming to El Gouna? Booked your El Gouna hotel? Unsure about what to pack? Don’t fret about what you have to bring with you! Follow our guide on what to bring to our stunning Red Sea resort, whether you intend to travel during the summer or winter, this definitive list will be all you need to serve your packing needs.

Let us start with the essentials for both summer and winter holidays in El Gouna:


Always opt for a higher SPF to ensure that you are can enjoy your vacation and not turn it into a staycation in your hotel due to a sunburn. Forgotten it at home? You can choose from a wide selection of international and local sunscreens available in the El Gouna supermarkets and pharmacies in the marina, downtown or in any of the hotels that you will be staying in.

Straw hat

The bigger the better as it can cover your shoulders from the sun. Rather than buy one from home you can purchase one from a wide array of options made available to you in the boutiques in the El Gouna marina and downtown. Ranging from 100 to 200 LE, you can ensure that you’ll have a fashionable addition to your sun protection attire.


The larger the lens the more shade your cheeks get which will protect you from a sunburn. Cannot find a pair that you like? Why don’t you try and buy more than one pair? Start with the boutiques in your hotel and you can find a model or design that it bright and dazzling as the Red Sea itself.

Two girls are shopping for sunglasses in El Gouna Red Sea bazaars


Absolutely! You will find yourself able to swim during the winter, as all of El Gouna hotels provide you with beach and swimming pool access. Many of the boutique stores in the marina showcase a wide selection of swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis to suit every shape and size. Even though their prices might range from 700 LE to 1000 LE and more, the high quality selection is definitely worth every piaster.


Yes, it will be warm enough during the winter to slip on your flip-flops as your move around in and out of your hotel during the day. Cannot find yours? You can buy one or more from the display in the supermarkets in El Gouna or the boutiques all around the Abu Tig Marina or downtown El Gouna. Choose between bright coloured patterns or classic solids and you’ll have the perfect ensemble. One flip-flop should set you back 500 LE or more.

a couple riding motorbike around El Gouna Red Sea

Wedges and loafers

These items of footwear would be the ideal for El Gouna as the cobblestone path ways there will make it harder for you to move around with stilettoes. Struggling to find a pair? Some of the boutiques in Downtown El Gouna have a wide choice of different styles of shoes that you can try. Like the flip-flops, the prices can range from 300 LE to much more.


With gyms in every hotel and lengthy promenade that weaves through all the three marinas, you can definitely fit in that workout that you were eager to get to all throughout the chilly winter! If you haven’t packed your sports gear, fret not, you can find a variety of options all over El Gouna, whether you are looking for socks, t-shirts, leggings, or shorts, your need will be available. Prices will start from 500 LE, and will increase by brand and quality.

A girl is running around Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna for a daylight activity in winter


Yes, you can still wear those, especially with the exceptionally warm El Gouna temperature during the winter time mornings. Pick between shabby boho, denim cut-offs or swimming shorts, all styles are welcome! Visit some of boutiques to shop for the perfect shorts to wear as your explore El Gouna! If you are going for a simple fabric pair you can be expected to pay between 300 LE or more. If you would prefer a pair kitesurfing shorts, you can be expected to pay more as there are specialist shops such provide kitesurfing attire and merchandise.

Tank tops

Like the shorts, you can still wear them during the morning in El Gouna without any fear of catching a cold. All the El Gouna boutiques sell a range of options that will suit your outfits and can make your experience of walking around the marina comfortably much more fun. Expect to pay between 300 LE or more when you go shopping for a tank top to wear.

Breezy dresses and open front shirts

Whatever the weather, you can ensure that you will find that you would rather walk around the marina in a colourful, vibrant dresses and shirts rather than in frumpy city clothes! Cannot find such models at home? You will be spoilt for choice with the array of choices in the several shops in downtown El Gouna and the marina. Make sure that you always make time to try on a few options before paying; you can be expected to spend between 500 LE or more, depending on quality and length.

Kitsurfing gear

Whether you are willing to try out the sport or you are an old hand, you can find the item you need for your kitesurfing experience in several stores in the marina such as the Element store. You can find boards, helmets, life jackets and even board shorts from among their merchandise. But be careful, their items are not cheap—be expected to pay more that 500 LE for your chosen item.

A kite surfer is holding his kite and bar on the shores of El Gouna Red Sea

Packing for El Gouna’s Warm Winters

Become the envy of your friends and come to El Gouna’s warm shores this winter time! Even though the temperature might be in the single-digits back home, you can guarantee that everyday in El Gouna will be at double-digits, ensuring that the sun will be warming you up all through the day and give you the sun-kissed tan that will turn heads when you fly back home.

What to bring with you during the Winters in El Gouna:

Padded vest

Should you feel a chill, these vests would be the needed addition to keep your relaxed outfit together.

Hooded jumpers and jackets

El Gouna’s outdoor activities are at their height during the winter time! With the winds picking up and the sun shining through the day you can learn kitesurfing, wakeboarding or go for a hike with your family in the El Gouna mountains!


Come nighttime you will be needing clothes that will keep your tanned pins a little warm as you walk around the marina after sundown and as you go for dinner in any of the El Gouna hotel restaurants or bistros around the Marina.

Leather and denim jackets

Complete your evening outfit with a warm jacket that will be both laidback and warming.

Scarves and shawls

Keep a colourful shawl in your bag to ensure that you can throw it over your shoulders in case the temperature drops, especially if you are out for longer hours during the winter day.

As you can see the moderate weather in El Gouna, whatever the season, makes packing a breeze and prepares you for a stress-free vacation!

Mushira Sabry

Mushira Sabry

Mushira is a long-term resident of El-Gouna. She arrived to our gorgeous seaside resort in 2013 and hasn't looked back since! Not only is she a teacher in El Gouna International School, she also runs a community theatre group, El Gouna Players. This workaholic has been a published social and commercial writer, editor, copy editor and translator for over 10 years. She received her acting degree from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) in 2003, her M.A. in English and Comparative Literature in 2013 from the American University in Cairo, and is currently studying for her teaching degree with the University of Sunderland. Mushira is passionate about literature, education, fine-cuisine, and fitness.

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