Job Purpose

The Chedi El Gouna is looking for a Pastry Chef responsible for assisting the Executive Chef, in the supervision of kitchen/pastry production and to participate in food production.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensures the highest food quality appropriate to the market by assisting the Executive Chef in all areas of kitchen operations.
  • Adheres to the company's standards of food quality, preparation, recipes, and presentation.
  • Ensures proper staffing and adequate supplies for all stations.
  • Supervises the proper set-up of each item on menus and insures their readiness.
  • Oversees the seasonings, portions, and appearance of food service in the operation.
  • Stores unused food properly to minimize waste and maximize quality.
  • Assists in budgetary and payroll expense control as required.
  • Works closely with chefs to ensure correct preparation and delivery times are kept and food quality is maintained.
  • Assures proper safety, hygiene, and sanitation practices are followed.
  • Assists Executive Chef in checking and ordering fresh products and dry storage items required by the kitchen.
  • Encourages increased communication between kitchen production and service staff.
  • Ensures readiness and makes priorities in case of last-minute changes to reservations.
  • Confers closely and regularly with the Executive Chef and takes every opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of their position, in order to be ready to fill in whenever required.
  • Maximizes employee productivity and morale within the department and consistently maintains discipline within hotel guidelines and local regulations.
  • Schedules employees in line with varying business levels in order to maximize productivity and minimize payroll costs.
  • Selects and recruits suitable employees for the department using a prescribed set of policies and procedures.
  • Has full working knowledge and ability to supervise, train, correct and demonstrate all duties and tasks, in the assigned place of work, accordingly to the standards as a set.
  • Trains employees ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform their duties with the maximum levels of productivity and efficiency.
  • Conducts annual performance evaluations.
  • Understands and strictly adheres to the rules & regulations established in regard to the hotel policy on Fire, Hygiene, and Health & Safety.
  • Ensure that all potential and real hazards are reported and rectified immediately.
  • Has a complete understanding of the Hotel’s Employee Handbook and adheres to the regulations contained within.
  •  Performs any other duties assigned to them by management.


How to Apply

To apply for this job position, please send your CV and a personal photo to [email protected] and [email protected].

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