Checks accounting records for accuracy and, on a daily basis, summarizes and compiles information for the hotel’s financial records as per established policies and procedures.

Main Duties

  • Tracks room revenues, occupancy percentage, and other front office operating statistics
  • Prepares a summary of cash, checks, and credit cards activities, reflecting hotel’s financial performance for the day
  • Posts room charges and room taxes to guest accounts including guest transactions not posted during the day by the front office cashier
  • Processes guest charge vouchers and credit card vouchers
  • Verifies all account postings and balances made during the day by front desk cashiers and agents
  • Monitors the current status of coupon, discount and other promotional programs
  • Transfers charges and deposits to master accounts
  • Makes reviewing for all outlets with observance of:
  • Void and reason for it
  • House account
  • Discount and reason for it
  • Makes interface read to make quick calling for any information
  • Prints out all reports regarding each outlet with observance of:
  • All amounts must be equal to all amounts in the computer
  • The number of closed checks must be equal to the number of paid checks
  • House account checks must be added to the system
  • Checks on credit cards must be added to the system
  • Checks of room off must be added to the system
  • Identifies all readings in the report with all readings in the system and closes the Micros
  • Maintains appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene and appearance according to the hotel standards
  • Is thoroughly familiar with the Hotel's emergency and security procedures
  • Other duties as assigned

How to Apply

To apply for this job position, please send your CV and a personal photo to [email protected]

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