Responsible to assist Executive Chef and Sous Chef in operation, coordination and supervision of food preparation, cleanliness of kitchen, ordering of stocks and storage of food items in compliance with established policies and procedures of the hotel.

Main Duties

  • To maintain on day-to-day basis the standards and policies of the hotel
  • Assists Executive Chef and Sous Chef in all matters concerning the hole kitchen operations
  • Responsible for quality and high standards of all food prepared in assigned outlet
  • Responsible for all food prepared in assigned outlet according to the recipes
  • Responsible for cleanliness and sanitation in assigned outlet
  • Controls the food cost and wastage
  • Checks the receiving and storerooms
  • Checks buffet set up and decoration
  • Attends relevant meetings assigned to him
  • Gives on spot training to the kitchen staff and trains the new staff
  • Checks acidulation and amortization of food
  • Checks prepared food and shows how to improve
  • Tests new available items
  • Checks staff food preparation, quality, and quantity
  • Accepts the orders from the restaurants, room service etc.
  • Passes orders orally to the stations
  • Accepts the prepared food from the stations and checks for quality
  • Hands food to the waiter
  • Supervises break up of stations after service and proper storage in fridge’s
  • Checks cleanliness of kitchen
  • Ensures that all employees under his supervision:
  • Uphold Dress and Grooming, Job Performance, Hotel Promotion, and Guest Service standards
  • Dressed in a clean and well-pressed uniform.
  • Display a positive attitude toward his/her job all times.
  • Maintain professional conduct at all times (refrain from sarcasm, inappropriate language, personal conversations, ...etc.).
  • Use their time effectively toward excellent service to the guest at all times.
  • Interact positively with co-workers at all times (profession, respect, teamwork environment).
  • Aware of and conform with the hotel and safety rules and regulations.
  • Keep working place clean and tidy
  • May perform any other tasks as ordered by the Executive Chef or Sous Chef

How to Apply

To apply for this job position, please send your CV and a personal photo to [email protected]

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