Top 10 Unique El Gouna Experiences – part.2

Continuing with the top 10 experiences that can be enjoyed exclusively in El Gouna: 

5- Footie Fan

Taking a stroll or a jog at all hours is indeed a true luxury, especially if you’re somebody who feels motivated by your surroundings. For all you footie-fans, El Gouna offers you limitless scenic options and the safety to enjoy your run. So how about a jog at dawn?

P.S. We can’t guarantee that the rising sun’s stunning pink hues, glittering on the lagoon’s water as you jog past won’t distract you though…

Gouna jogging

4- El Gouna is Artistic

With its incomparable location and rich vibrant culture, El Gouna is truly every artist’s dream. If your artistic senses aren’t already tickled outrageously from the aesthetic wonder that sums up our stunning scenery, you can browse the Art Village here for an impressive collection of handicrafts all locally produced or feel the artist within you inspired by our local musicians and visual artists. Galleria Soul regularly exhibits works by both prominent and local artists, so if you are in the mood to relax and appreciate great artwork, head to the marina and check out what colourful creations they’re hosting. The artistic hub of the Red Sea is so deeply committed to nurturing all forms of art; it has just launched its first edition of the El Gouna International Film Festival. The festival proved a tremendous international success with iconic guests such as the esteemed director Oliver Stone, and Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker delivering their very own MASTERCLASSES to lucky El Gouna residents and visitors!

The invitation of El Gouna Film festival in gold and black

3- Funky Red Sea Breeze

El Gouna’s ideal location on the Red Sea makes it an internationally sought destination for a wide variety of wind and water sports. Match this with our experienced experts who will coach and guide you, and the friendly vibes of your fellow water sports fanatics and you’ve scored yourself the experience of a lifetime!

EL Gouna Kitesurfers Egypt


Imagine being able to call anyone or request any service you need at literally ‘the touch of a button’? With our one hotline for all services, all Gounies ( G-Natives) need to do is dial zero from their landlines or 16650 from any phone and ask away! It really doesn’t get easier or cooler than this- hotel services from your home!

Download El Gouna App now on Apple Itunes and Android

El Gouna app

1- “Sir, Speedos Are Not Quite What we Meant by Business Attire…”

…And we’ve saved the best for last!
Picture this: you’ve had a long, gruelling day at work. It was hectic, with meetings jammed back to back and all you want to do is wrap up and leave. If only you could, I don’t know, cool off?
You can imagine the rarity of this being an option, but is there a place on Earth where one can take a swim after work? Well, El Gouna is one of those rare gems where you can actually take a refreshing dip mere minutes after you leave work. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve recently launched your very own co-working space, “G-SPACE” where you can enjoy our facilities in a quiet yet engaging environment, with fellow creatives. Because there’s nothing more that El Gouna loves to do than hooking people up for a common goal.

If you have any inquiries about El Gouna reservations or interest in booking at El Gouna, information can be found on our website

Working in El Gouna by the sea

Samaa Ayman

Samaa Ayman

Sam Ayman is a Rowayat award winning writer, academic consultant and one very proud mama bear. In 2015 she moved to El Gouna, inspired by its incomparable charm and unique identity. Besides raising her little Gounie Roman Pharaoh, Sam enjoys messing up her kitchen and pretending to workout. After years of publishing short works and stories, her debut novel The King's Debt was released in 2019. The gripping thriller explores social dynamics and gender issues through several feminist perspectives.

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