Photo for a sandy beach and people kite surfing and kites prepared to use.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Being an all-year-round sunshine destination with perfect wind conditions and shallow waters, El Gouna is rated as one of the most popular kitesurfing and windsurfing spots in the world. With six professional, multi-lingual kite centers, you won’t be short of places to learn how to kitesurf or windsurf.


If you prefer to experience the underwater world of the Red Sea without scuba diving equipment, then snorkeling is your best pick. Snorkeling allows you to explore reefs and the Red Sea’s fascinating marine life where you get the chance to swim by turtles and rays. During your visit to El Gouna, head on a trip to the popular dive sites and jump into the crystal clear waters. You can also snorkel from the shore, where many of the beaches in El Gouna offer long jetties to jump off from, such as the one on Zeytouna Beach. Snorkeling trips can be arranged by all diving centers in El Gouna.


A popular destination for diving, El Gouna is home to fascinating wrecks, breathtaking coral reefs and incredible marine life, housing a variety of dive sites all around the town. Diving lessons are available at El Gouna’s nine local dive centers equipped for everyone, from amateurs to licensed divers, where each program is tailored to every customer. Diving centers include :  Dream Team Divers, Dive Trek, Orca Dive Club, Scuba World Diving Center, UCPA and The Dive Connection


Enjoy the unique fishing experience in El Gouna. Choose the duration of your trip, whether long or short and the size of the boat and get to truly explore the beauty of what lies beneath the surface of the water, getting a taste of fresh Red Sea fish.

Waterskiing and Wakeboarding

For those looking to learn new tricks, make sure to visit Sliders Cable Park, a unique center that provides everything from wakeboarding to waterskiing with a controlled environment that allows you to try new moves before heading into the open sea.


Try a lavish or casual boat trip to one of more of the islands surrounding El Gouna. El Gouna is famous for its fast Ocean Diva capable of up to 26 knots sailing through the water. Day and sunset trips are available.

Other activities

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