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Segway Tours

Explore all the popular and hidden spots of El Gouna with the famed Segway Tours, where you can choose between an hour or two, depending on how much of the town you want to see.

Lagoon Trip

Get a glimpse of what El Gouna looks like from every angle on the lagoon and book your next lagoon trip. Leave from your hotel or any departure spot and navigate through the lagoon to explore the town and all its hotels and the different areas of the town.

This trip can be booked at the El Gouna Information Center or through your hotel reception.


Click here to check El Gouna lagoon trip map 

Oasis Night

Experience true authenticity and dine in the Arabian Desert in an Oasis at the foot of the Abu Share Mountain. Enjoy the traditional desert setting of Bedouin tents and thatched huts surrounded by a grove of date palms as well as a cup of traditional Bedouin tea or coffee.


Ride a camel or unwind with a flavorful shisha while you enjoy the folklore and belly dancer performance set against the impressive mountain backdrop.


For more information, please contact your reception desk.

Birds of the Red Sea

Birds can be found everywhere! In the trees, on the ground, along the shoreline, and soaring high in the sky. August will see the bi-annual migration begin as the birds move from Europe back to Africa.

Click here to learn how to identify different types of birds in El Gouna.

 Follow all the latest news, events and photography of Birds of the Red Sea here.

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