The Complete Guide to Diving and Kitesurfing in El Gouna

Cooling temperatures or not, you can still dive and kitesurf in El Gouna that promises sunshine and warm waters all year round.

El Gouna is a world-renown watersports hot spot that has professional and amateur kite surfers flocking to its shores. This is due to El Gouna’s natural wide speed, shallow waters and consistently warm sea throughout the year.

Boasting 8 diving centers and 8 kitesurfing centers El Gouna is also the host to one of the region’s most comprehensive kitesurfing schools that provide professional and entertainment facilities for people who are interested in taking up kitesurfing or just trying it out while they are in El Gouna on holiday.

Diving in El Gouna

Being by the Red Sea offers El Gouna a plethora of sights and experiences. Aside from its warm waters, El Gouna’s reefs are one of the most vibrant as you can easily gaze at vividly colored coral reefs and varied species of tropical fish at any of the diving sites whether you are a Divemaster or a novice. If you want to try out diving for the first time, you’ll find that El Gouna is an ideal place to start as the heated pools in El Gouna and the calm and accessible reefs make it an ideal location for beginners to learn the ropes.

A diver deep down in El Gouna Red Sea with colorful fishes and coral reefs

Booking a hotel? Make sure that you ask whether the resort has a diving center on its grounds or nearby, and they will inform you of the number of dives they have per day and the option that best suits your experience level.

Youth Diving

If you thought that diving is an activity reserved for adults, then you haven’t tried the programs that are offered to youngsters in several of El Gouna’s diving centers from the age of 8. Courses such as PADI Bubble MakerDiscover Scuba DivingJunior Scuba Diving, and Junior Open Water Diving and snorkelling courses are offered all around El Gouna. Simply ask any of the centers for more information about them and they will be happy to guide you to the course and its requirements.  

A diving coach in El Gouna giving a guide to a kid in a hotel pool

Special Needs Diving

Diving is an activity that can be available to anyone, and in El Gouna, the diving centers take this premise very seriously. Divers with reduced mobility are offered the opportunity to dive with one of the center’s diving instructors in any of the following diving centers:  Orca Dive Club in Turtle’s Inn and Club Paradisio, or Scuba World Diving Center in Sheraton Miramar and Movenpick Resort and Spa. Aside from experience with diving with divers, the centers have specially prepared boats that accommodate their special needs and ensure that they feel safe and can make the best of their experience.

Kitesurfing in El Gouna

Kitesurfing has become one of El Gouna’s flagship sports, pulling in professional and amateur kite surfers from all over the globe for several years to practice or to compete.

El Gouna’s vast beaches, driving winds throughout the year, and shallow waters make it a haven for kite surfers to throng to. Such ideal kitesurfing conditions have even prompted El Gouna to host world championships that draw in crowds of professional and upcoming kitesurfing stars to its warm seas to watch and compete in one of the most important competitions in the sport. With 8 various centers in El Gouna, serving both pro-riders and beginners, anyone will have the opportunity to try out kitesurfing for themselves. 

A kitesurfer with a kid kitesurfing in Red Sea in El Gouna

El Gouna Kitesurfing Clubs & Hotels :

In the Kitesurfing Club (KBC) you can ensure that you will have the ideal experience while practicing or learning to kitesurf in El Gouna, as they have a wide range of German, English and other native speaking kitesurfing coaches who can teach you and guide you as you master this new sport in your language. Don’t worry about equipment, as you can select the best board and kite from their wide selection and unwind later at their Buzzha Bar which offers a selection of healthy meals and refreshing drinks. 

You can also visit the Red Sea Zone area which also offers the opportunity to rent kitesurfing equipment and has the team to organize kitesurfing camps and courses. Not only that, but the Red Sea Zone is also responsible for organizing some of the major international Kitesurfing competitions.

Other centers that also provide comprehensive kitesurfing experiences and have the VDWS licensing include the Kitesurfing Club, El Gouna, Kite Family (which also offers windsurfing) located in Zeytouna Beach, and Kitepower which is located at the Northern Beach of El Gouna, right after the Makani Beach Kite center. For the IKO-certified centers, you can visit Kite People located on the Movenpick Resort and Spa grounds and Osmosis located inside Labranda Club Paradisio hotel. There is also the newest Kitesurfing club addition to El Gouna, Duotone located in the famed Casa Cook El Gouna.

So, don’t let the weather hold you back and get outdoors and on to the Red Sea with any of El Gouna’s diving and kitesurfing centers!

Kitesurfers having fun time in El Gouna Red Sea beaches with blue clear waters

Mushira Sabry

Mushira Sabry

Mushira is a long-term resident of El-Gouna. She arrived to our gorgeous seaside resort in 2013 and hasn't looked back since! Not only is she a teacher in El Gouna International School, she also runs a community theatre group, El Gouna Players. This workaholic has been a published social and commercial writer, editor, copy editor and translator for over 10 years. She received her acting degree from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) in 2003, her M.A. in English and Comparative Literature in 2013 from the American University in Cairo, and is currently studying for her teaching degree with the University of Sunderland. Mushira is passionate about literature, education, fine-cuisine, and fitness.

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