The Best Restaurants in El Gouna ( 2019 List )

When it comes to cuisine in El Gouna, being spoiled for choice is an understatement! With cuisines that cover almost all the continents, holiday goers and residents are guaranteed a variety of flavours whenever they choose to eat out.

Asian Cuisine

Despite the fact that El Gouna is located on the Red Sea in Egypt, this small resort towns host a wide selection of Asian restaurants to please every palate especially vegetarians and vegans. If you are looking for some of the best Indian curries and grills, then you need look no further than Tandoor located in the Ali Pasha Hotel in the Marina. With a diverse menu at a variety of costs feel free to dine al fresco as you sink your teeth into some of the most mouth-watering tandoor grills or dip a naan into their rich curries.

Craving something more spicy? Try the relaxed White Elephant Thai Restaurant in Downtown El Gouna. There you can order one of their tantalizing appetizers that vary from the heat-packed Tom Yum soup to their boiled or fried dumplings. You can then savour their variety of noodles and finally end your meal with their signature Peking Duck, all without breaking the bank.

If you fancy a night out and ready to pay, try going to Saigon, located directly on the Marina, this Vietnamese restaurant offers one of a kind cuisine with a classy ambience. Begin with their highly commendable raw spring rolls which include shrimp, lettuce and rice partnered with soya molasses dipping sauce. For your main dish, you should experience their honey roasted duck for an unmatched explosion of flavor.

Love sushi? El Gouna has the place for you! Visit the widely-popular Mori Sushi located in the New Marina to try out an expansive selection of rolls, sashimis and nigiris. If you fancy a good deal, visit Mori Sushi on Mondays and Tuesdays for a variety of deals on some of their most popular rolls, but be careful, the restaurant fills up fast!

The outdoor area of Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Ali Pasha Hotel located in Abu Tig Marina El Gouna


The vietnamese restaurant Saigon in El Gouna Marina for Asian Dining in Red Sea


Sensational Seafood

Being by the Red Sea means that you will have access to some of the largest varieties of seafood available. If you would like to eat seafood as per the Egyptian style and at a reasonable cost, then look no further than Hydra in Downtown El Gouna, where you can order the fish by the kilo and they can be prepared in style you wish. If you feel lost with the choices, ask them to make you a recommendation that would suit your taste and you can take it from there.

For one of the best venues that serve seafood, you should pay a visit to the Movenpick Resort hotel and to the El Sayadin Restaurant where they will offer you the best of the Red Sea coupled with 5 Star hotel service, but be prepared to pay a little more than the other restaurants as it within the hotel.

If you fancy trying seafood at another restaurant, try the Labranda Club Paradisio, you can visit Morgan’s Beach Restaurant, where you can pick from a wide array of fresh seafood which the chef will cook, live, for you from their cooking station. Choose from a selection of oriental mezze to accompany your meal and perfect the experience of consuming the fresh fish.

Fancy going to a boutique restaurant, then look no further than El Bahr, apart from the fresh seafood on display, their selection of methods to cook range from the traditional to the international. Moreover, you can find a variety of Greek and Alexandrian dishes and mezze that give you more of a taste of Egypt than the other fish restaurants. But make sure that you are prepared to pay for their delicacies and call ahead and reserve as tables are limited and can go fast.


a fresh red sea fish corner and a chef at marco polo's restaurant in club paradisio el gouna resort


Iconic International Food

All of the international restaurants in El Gouna are iconic, as they serve flavors and quality that are often difficult to match in the Red Sea area or in Egypt! Craving a burger, then you have to try Le Garage in the Marina. Located directly on the pier, you can enjoy one of the best quality burgers in the region with a variety of toppings that promise to deliver an abundance of flavor. Worried about the costs, do consider the toppings on your burger and they will dictate how much you should be expected to pay.

Looking for more variety and value for money, walk down to Breeze and choose from the selection of options that they have in a more laidback atmosphere.

After a more classy meal? Then make your way to Chez Chantal in the Turtle’s Inn Hotel, where you can pick from their indulgent Red Sea lobster, their steaks, or choose from their menu of the week, which includes an array of options based on the seafood that has been fished that week, but be prepared to pay for their exclusive meals, which you can guarantee are worth every penny.

Want to take that special someone out? Try Charwoods, which offer some of the best cuts of steak and the best imported wine in El Gouna, with a very romantic setting that promises you an opportunity to make memories with your loved ones.

Still want steak, but you are with family, you can try the Captain’s Steakhouse in Captain’s Inn hotel in the Marina, where there is a more lively atmosphere, plenty of space for large families and has a wide selection that makes it more affordable than other steak restaurants.

Another popular international restaurant is Seventh Star, which has branches in both the Marina and downtown El Gouna. Aside from their unmatched desserts, you can enjoy steaks, pastas, and an amazing breakfast at reasonable prices that will always keep you going back for more.

Craving a healthy breakfast but ready to pay a bit more than usual? Try Malu’s Deli, located in the Marina, which will provide you with a selection of omelettes, quiches, smoothies and cakes that will fill you up as you relax in the sunshine that floods their outdoor eating area.

If you love cheese then you need to make your way to Chuchichaschitli Swiss House restaurant in downtown El Gouna with their variety of fondue that is bound to make you come back for more. Just make sure that you are prepared to pay a little more than other restaurants and reserve your table ahead of time as the small restaurant quickly fills up.

A healthy breakfast at Malu's Deli Restaurant in El Gouna Abu Tig Marina


The steakhouse restaurant in Abu Tig Marina for dining in El Gouna Red Sea


Extraordinary Oriental Cuisine

You can never get enough of the options of Oriental options in El Gouna, where you can find a range of traditional Egyptian and Levantine dishes at a variety of prices that promise to give you the best of the Middle East.

Visit Mazagouna, a more pricey Lebanese restaurant in the Marina to try out the different choices of grilled chicken or meat that will be prepared for you on a portable grill, placed on your table. Choose from several of their mezze to compliment your meal and finish it off with one of their oriental desserts as you watch the sunset on the marina.

Want to try an Egyptian breakfast? If you are in the marina, walk towards Eish Balady. Despite their expensive prices, they do provide quality meals and delicacies which include fetir (savory and sweet oriental pancakes), and falafel (fava bean patties fried in oil) along side their fava beans and enjoy a delicious meal that will keep you full as you explore El Gouna.

If you are downtown you should visit Zomba, this friendly oriental restaurant that offers a variety of choices ranging from the breakfast favorites to grilled delights and even some complete meals and tajins, all at a reasonable cost.

Dining in El Gouna Restaurant Eish Balady for Egyptian Oriental Experience

 Italian Extravaganza

El Gouna’s selection of Italian cuisine is diverse, whereby the majority of the restaurants will offer you pasta as a part of their menu, nonetheless, there is an array of Italian restaurants that will always keep you going back for more. If you are at the marina make sure you pay a visit to Sotto Sopra that offer a selection of Italian favorites and some twists that take flavor to whole new level. Affordable, and with an expansive bar, you can ensure that you will have a wholesome meal while sipping on a delightful cocktail.

Walk over to downtown El Gouna and try Pasta e Basta that a boast a menu with several types of pasta at a variety of prices that can cater to your palate and wallet.

A local favourite is Zia Amelia that offer more than just homemade pasta; indeed you can find a selection of proper, oven-baked pizzas, succulent main courses and an assortment of desserts that will provide the perfect ending to your meal. If you choose to indulge in some of their more exotic dishes then expect to pay more than the usual cost that you would pay for a more common selection of items.

The best Italian restaurant in El Gouna Downtown Pasta e Basta serving variety of pasta plates

Mushira Sabry

Mushira Sabry

Mushira is a long-term resident of El-Gouna. She arrived to our gorgeous seaside resort in 2013 and hasn't looked back since! Not only is she a teacher in El Gouna International School, she also runs a community theatre group, El Gouna Players. This workaholic has been a published social and commercial writer, editor, copy editor and translator for over 10 years. She received her acting degree from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) in 2003, her M.A. in English and Comparative Literature in 2013 from the American University in Cairo, and is currently studying for her teaching degree with the University of Sunderland. Mushira is passionate about literature, education, fine-cuisine, and fitness.

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