2 beef ribs cooked on a grill

With saxophone chilled beats, a soft breeze and much playful comradeship, Casa Cook hosted an impressive tasting event to celebrate Delizio’s entrance as Orascom Hotels’ select meat supplier. 

The wildly popular chef Sherif Afifi dazzled at his station, where he used some picks of Delizio’s cuts with delicious results. The chef’s favourite thing about Delizio? “The right preparation goes a long way; you get a completely distinctive taste from even the simplest piece.”

chef cooking station outdoors day

Delizio’s motto is “the art of meat” and in collaboration with Mövenpick and Lamb Weston, culinary creativity set fun scents into the air and love in our bellies. Friends and guests enjoyed an assortment of crisp potato food art, sophisticated hors d’oeuvres, fresh bakes, tantalising cheeses, charcuterie, and Delizio’s boasted fois gras. 

Nothing short of an edible mood board, the event was a celebration of fine local ingredients and culinary craftsmanship, exemplifying Casa Cook’s appreciation for good times and sustainability.

2 beef ribs cooked on a grill

Eager for behind-the-scenes input, we asked the owners of Delizio what they prided most about their products and the brand: “Cuts are so competitively unique and can be even further intricately tailored in production.”

Delizio platter of cuts

It was difficult to pick favourites, but ultimately the absolute signature taste was undeniably the Dutch Tomahawk — of which Delizio is the sole importer to Egypt. It would have been impossible to believe that only a dash of salt and pepper could create such an unreal explosion of flavours had we not seen the entire preparation live!

hamburger fresh meat on a table

You can now experience our own illustrious chefs’ interpretations of the art of meat by Delizio at Orascom Development Hotels, El Gouna. 

To try a wide range of delicious flavours, call Casa Cook Hotel’s restaurant at +2 065 3545163, +2 065 3545163, or +2 065 3545163 to reserve your spot.

Samaa Ayman

Samaa Ayman

Sam Ayman is a Rowayat award winning writer, academic consultant and one very proud mama bear. In 2015 she moved to El Gouna, inspired by its incomparable charm and unique identity. Besides raising her little Gounie Roman Pharaoh, Sam enjoys messing up her kitchen and pretending to workout. After years of publishing short works and stories, her debut novel The King's Debt was released in 2019. The gripping thriller explores social dynamics and gender issues through several feminist perspectives.

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