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Egypt’s east coast, known as the Red Sea Riviera, is one of the world’s more popular destinations. With sun all year round and a near constant sea breeze to take the edge off the heat, few places can compete. And in the heart of this Riviera is El Gouna.

When it comes to spending family time and slowing the pace of life there is not much El Gouna does not offer, but we will highlight a few reasons that illustrate what a world class destination El Gouna truly is.

Firstly, El Gouna hotels are offering an outstanding Ramadan package available from 14 April through to 11 May. El Gouna boasts a number of the best hotels the area has to offer, so now would be a good time to experience any one of the participating hotels.

Because of the special season, early check in and late check out are included in the excellent rates. Scenic views, free WiFi and great food are all to be enjoyed in your stay.


Be quiet

Although there is plenty to do in El Gouna, it certainly offers you the opportunity to be quiet and somewhat reclusive when you need to be. Areas such as the Marina and Downtown are usually busy, but walks on the beach and sunsets at the Steigenberger tower provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature.


marina view and yachts at sunrise in el gouna red sea

Slow Down

Ramadan is a time to slow the pace of life and fortunately, El Gouna is just the place to do that. There are a number of pastimes and activities to help you relax and yet busy enough to ward of any boredom. Hiring paddle boats, sunbathing on the beach and wading in the lagoon waters or relaxing at the pool clubs are but a few examples of beautiful and memorable ways to spend Ramadan.

iftar during ramadan with 3 ladies casual by el gouna lagoons


Slow Down even further

Getting anywhere in El Gouna is very easy. There is never traffic that gets backed up and everybody is respectful of others. As a friend once said, “Driving in El Gouna is the creme de la creme of Egyptian driving”. Orascom have also put many measures in place to make sure that driving in El Gouna is safe and problem free.



But what if you still need to work?

El Gouna has really served the community well by building a remote workspace for anybody who might need it. G-Space is El Gouna’s very own coworking space where you will find businesses and individuals working to all kinds of different goals.

G-Space, centered around offices and meeting rooms also provides hot desks, a canteen, relaxation rooms, and, of course, good Wi-Fi. It even comes with a running path which circles the building – if you feel the need to get the blood flowing.

If you just need a quiet space for the day, the Bibliotech Alexandria, or simply ‘The Library’, is just over the road and offers quiet desks, computers and also Wi-Fi.

If these options don’t appeal to you, you can work from any number of coffee shops or simply from the comfort of your hotel room.


At sunset, the feast begins and El Gouna has a myriad of options to make breaking the fast enjoyable and memorable. El Gouna hotels such as Steigenberger, Mosaique, Ali Pasha and more are offering Iftar menus to satisfy any palate.

Local organisations also get involved with the Iftar celebrations with The Club House hosting an evening for locals and visitors alike while The Mountain Goats provide guided hiking in the quiet of the mountain wilderness.

Safety and Security

As if El Gouna was not a near perfect Ramadan destination already, it boasts safety and security envied by the rest of the world. With security posts and vigilant guards posted well across the town, and with security cars always on patrol, there is little opportunity for wrong doing. With that, the general understanding with residents and visitors is that nobody wants to damage the trust and sense of well being in El Gouna, keeping it a community far above others.

What about Covid-19?

Ramadan is centered around being together as friends and family. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has made gatherings almost impossible for over a year now. Yet, with El Gouna’s outdoor lifestyle, safety in gatherings is easily attainable.

Whether you adhere to Ramadan, or respectfully observe from the outside, El Gouna is a perfect place to spend the month. This year, 2021, Ramadan starts in April. Still in Spring, it’s much cooler than previous years and a perfect time in El Gouna when the weather is perfect.

Craig Botes

Craig Botes

South African by birth, Craig Botes has traveled the world, living in many areas, absorbing the cultures and ways of different people. Travelling the world broadens the mind and Craig has learned the width and breadth of different cultures. Yet, he has decided to make El Gouna his home due to the child friendly environment, lavish blue waters, and the wisdom of the desert beyond.

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