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The COVID-19 pandemic stunted the world’s economy throughout the first half of 2020, but no industry was quite as affected as tourism. With non-essential flights put on standstill, holidaymakers across the world were either stranded at home, or at their holiday destination.

As we approach the last few months of 2020, Egyptian airspace has begun to open up, with tourists flocking once again to our idyllic hometown. But how is Orascom Hotels Management (OHM) striving to secure their guests’ safety whilst allowing guests to continue to enjoy the delights El Gouna has to offer.


Throughout the lockdown phase, days often seemed unending – with most of us maintaining a social distance within the confines of our homes – but for the management team at OHM, these past few months were critical.

As experts began to publish their findings on the causes, spread and containment of the virus, the OHM team spent the mandatory seven-week closure busy forming rigorous hygiene protocols and enhancing workplace practices inline with international standards outlined by TÜV NORD to allow the ‘El Gouna experience’ that we cherish to continue as normal; with safe distancing in mind.

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What kind of holiday can I expect?

If you’re one of the lucky few who have been able to secure a spot in El Gouna this summer, you can expect the same excellent standards as before, but with measures to ensure a safer and highly sanitized stay. Thanks to the “Together we Can!” initiative, established in May 2020, OHM have put measures in place to safeguard your vacation from the airport, to your hotel and throughout your time in the resort.

As El Gouna’s main airport transfer partner, Sixt drivers have all been trained to deliver a safe service during COVID-19. It’s extremely comforting knowing that cars are sanitized after each ride, as well as sterilized overnight. Throughout the ride, drivers wear masks and allow us to maintain a social distance by riding in the back behind a glass screen. Even the risk associated with payments is reduced by using a portable card terminal. Contact your hotel front desk ahead of your arrival to secure a sterile ride with Sixt Limousine.

Safety really is paramount, as each person entering El Gouna’s gates is subject to a contactless temperature check before admittance – a practice which is carried through to each hotel, whereby hotel staff and guests will continue to be mindfully monitored several times each day.

hotel guests at casa cook el gouna scan for hotel menu in the front desk of the hotel

At some properties, the check-in and out process is contactless, with check-in forms sent prior to your arrival, to reduce both contact and check in times. You’ll also notice an increased number of hand sanitizer dispensers found at reception, and appearing throughout the grounds. With cleaning staff regularly disinfecting the most frequently touched surfaces and touch points to further reduce risk.

You can rest assured knowing that your hotel room will have been thoroughly cleaned, as per industry leading sanitizing protocol with crockery and glassware replaced with disposable products for your peace of mind. OHM also implemented a maximum occupancy policy, as per Egyptian regulations, meaning that no more than 2 adults and 2 children can share a room. Furthermore, guests rooms are are now only cleaned only upon request and room service staff have special trays to deliver the orders in front of the rooms to be picked up by guests without the employee having to enter their room.


On the hotel premises, guests will notice a safe distance and cleanliness is maintained throughout the entire property. The minimum distance between sunbeds is two metres, and your resting spot is sanitized before and after you settle. Guests are also expected to bring the beach towels provided in their rooms, to minimize contact with other parties.

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Similarly, at restaurants, a maximum of 6 guests can share a table – however, staff will try their utmost to accommodate for families with a larger number – and a safe distance of 2 metres separates tables, with a metre between chairs, and patrons are able to choose their dish with a digital, contactless menu available for each establishment. At some hotels, guests can still expect high quality buffet-style mealtimes – for selected meals, chefs are ready to plate your dish with a glass screen used to distance guests from the food.

As usual, servers are attentive, ready to prioritize the comfort of guests throughout their meal, but before you sit down, you will notice that tables and chairs have been sanitized, disposable placemats and cutlery and glasses sterilized at 70° will be brought once you have placed your order; paper and plastic cups also available in case of preference.

hotel staff clean and sanitize tables in hotel restaurant in el gouna hotels.

Awareness & adaptability

As per the advice of local authorities, hotel occupancy numbers have been halved, making the exclusivity of El Gouna’s open hotels more prevalent than ever. OHM continues to review their processes by closely monitoring the guidelines of both the World Health Organization and local governments.

El Gouna is arguably the safest holiday destination during such unprecedented circumstances. OHM have shown extreme care with regards to the well-being of its guests and team, enabling holidaymakers to enjoy a truly blissful experience.

Visit the https://hotels.elgouna.com/hotels/ to select your hotel or book now to view rates and availability at your preferred hotel.

Kelly Bateman

Kelly Bateman

Since her first visit to El Gouna, in 2005, Kelly dreamed of calling the town ‘home’. While studying for her BA in Marketing Management, Kelly worked as a freelance marketer, specialising in the sustainable growth of startups - by digitising services and achieving excellence in communication through marketing and operations. She later studied education and was awarded a Professional Diploma by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, whilst working full-time as a marketer for both local and international technology companies.

In 2018, Kelly was inducted as a full-time Gounie, when she took up her post as Business and English teacher at the El Gouna International School, and has since vowed to never leave the town she dreamed of residing in for over a decade. 

With a penchant for all things creative, Kelly spends her time painting and writing - composing poetry and creative short stories for a variety of audiences - as well as meditating, diving and fine-dining when rest and relaxation is required.

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