Mosaique Hotel

October 18, 19
A tranquil escape from our hectic daily lives, Mosaique Hotel offers comfort in an atmosphere that merges modern and oriental flares while remaining in walking-distance of the diverse shopping, dining and El Gouna nightlife venues that the town offers.

The Three Corners Ocean View Hotel

October 18, 19
A serene haven at the tip of the Abu Tig Marina, the four-star Three Corners Ocean View Hotel offers an adults-only experience for individuals who are 16+ years old, where couples and groups can find ultimate relaxation in a stress-free environment.

Captain's Inn

October 10, 19
In the heart of Abu Tig Marina, Captain’s Inn hotel overlooks the scenic marina and its luxurious yachts, with many of its famed restaurants, lively nightlife spots and relaxing beaches at its doorstep.

Ali Pasha Hotel

July 01, 19
Boasting stunning views of the luxurious yachts and shimmering Red Sea waters, Ali Pasha Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the Abu Tig Marina in walking distance of the enticing activities.

Fanadir Hotel

July 01, 19
Fanadir Hotel offers guests a serene getaway on the Red Sea Egypt’s coast overlooking the luxurious marina yachts only steps away from the town’s vibrant attractions, activity-filled beaches and eclectic restaurants.

Turtle’s Inn

July 01, 19
A three-star hotel within the luxurious Abu Tig Marina overlooking the stunning Red Sea, Turtle’s Inn brings urban flair to El Gouna. The hotel attracts water sports enthusiasts along with partygoers due to its prime location

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The Best Restaurants in El Gouna ( 2023 List )

April 01, 23
The scenic, vibrant and invigorating Abu Tig Marina in El Gouna showcases the best of the Red Sea with several restaurants, bars, and boutiques to visit and enjoy as you stroll around the marina.

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