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Let us bring the buffet to your table


    Juices, Jam, Honey, Butter portion, fruits salad, assorted fresh bakery (Danish, croissant, toast, and soft bread ) mixed cheese plate, cold cuts plate, boiled eggs or any style or your choice of omelet, tea or coffee with milk.  
    Juices, Jam, Honey, Butter, assorted fresh bread and Toast, Mixed Cheese, marinated fried eggs, foul medames, falafel with sesame, fresh salad with mixed pickles, and white wheat with milk (beliela), tea or coffee with milk.  
    Orange juice, coffee or tea, butter, jam, honey, assorted fresh Bakery (Danish, croissant, English Cake, Toast and soft bread)  


Green mixed Salad

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lettuces, Green Pepper, Onion and Olive Oil.

Greek Salad

Feta cheese, onions, tomatoes and black olives, basil, olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Oriental Salad

Egyptian Baladi salad with lemon juice and olive oil.

Club Sandwich

  The famous triple-decker sandwich presents chicken breast, cheese, lettuce, Tomatoes, beef and eggs.  

Beef & Chicken Burger

  Tasty coleslaw with a bun of bread and a juicy piece of burger. Choose a topping of your liking; fried egg, mushrooms, cheese or fried onions, French fries  


Monte Cristo

  Ciabatta bread with breaded chicken and a spicy cocktail sauce, French fries  

Steak Sandwich

  Ciabatta bread steaked with tender slices of beef filet, French fries

Spaghetti or Penne

  Topped with your favorite choice of sauce: Bolognese, Napoletana or Cream sauce with the condiments.

Pizza Corner

  Pizza Margarita   Pizza Pollo

Beef Tajen

  Beef cubes with brown sauce and onion served with rice 

Lamb Kofttah

  Minced meat with fat and spices served with rice, vegetables and tahina sauce 

Chicken Panne

  Chicken breaded on the oil served with french fries and vegetables saute 

Shish Tawook

  Grilled chicken breast cubs with sweet pepper and onion served with rice or french fries

Fried Fish Fillet

  Served with rice and fresh vegetables saute 

Calamari Tajen

  Calamari and fresh tomatoes sauce with onion, garlic and green pepper. Served with rice

Selection Vegetables Tajen

  Potatoes, White Beans, Green Beans, Molokhia Tajens 
  Seasonal Fruits Plater ,Oriental Pastry, French Pastry , Rice budding and Fruits Jelly  


Tomatoes Soup OR Chicken noodles soup

Mixed salad OR Greek salad

Mixed grill (chicken, Kofta, steak) OR Sea food

Served with rice and grilled vegetables

Molokhia Tajen

Slices fresh fruits, French pastry

Chicken cream soup OR Beef goulash soup

Fattoush salad OR Caesar salad

Oriental kebab halla tajen OR Chicken Cordon blue

All above served with rice, potatoes

Vegetables tajen

Chocolate Marques, Cream caramel

Onion soup OR Mushroom soup

Chef salad  OR Oriental salad

Beefsteak pepper sauce, Shish Tawook and Fish pane

All above served with rice, potatoes

Vegetables tajen

French pastry and fresh fruits


Lintel soup or Orzo soup

Selection of oriental salad on the table (tahini, baba ghanouch, balady salad, yogurt)

Chicken topkapi, Fish sayadiya served with rice, okra tajen, stuffed mom-bar

Chef salad  OR Oriental salad

Beefsteak pepper sauce, Shish Tawook and Fish pane

Om Aly, fresh fruits

Potatoes soup or Vermicelli soup

Tuna salad or Coleslaw salad

Grilled marinated half chicken, Beef fillet with mushroom sauce, fried fish fillet

All items served with rice, potatoes, green beans tajen

Fruits plater, French pastry


Seafood soup or vegetable cream soup

 Green mixed salad or Beetroot salad

Stuffed chicken breast, Veal piccata, Grilled fish fillet lemon butter sauce

All items served with rice, vegetables sauté, potatoes French fries

Oriental vegetables tajen

Chocolate mousse, Oriental pastry


Cream chowder soup OR Vegetables clear soup

Tomatoes mozzarella salad OR baby shrimps salad

Surf & Turf (beef, chicken, shrimps) OR Seafood plater (fish crab, and shrimps)

Chicken Moreland style (Breast chicken stuffed

All items served with rice or French fries and vegetables sauté

Zucchini ragout tajen or Calamari tajen

Fresh fruits plater, chocolate éclair and fruits tartlet

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