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Breakfast set menu

  • Bakery basket (croissant, Danish, rolls, balady bread) choose it with the waiter
  • Honey, jam, butter,
  • Cheese, Cold cuts platter
  • Eggs for your choice (omelets, boiled, fried or scrambled)
  • Sausage
  • Juice, tea or coffee
  • Hot or cold milk
  • Bakery basket (croissant, Danish, rolls, balady bread,) choose it with the waiter
  • Foul, falafel, eggplant, Tehina,  
  • White cheese with tomato
  • Tomato, cucumber, pickles
  • Eggs (omelets, boiled) choose it with the waiter
  • Juice, tea or coffee
  • Hot or cold milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal
  • Seasonal Fruits
  • cake
  • Salad
  • Fruit salad
  • Corn flakes
  • Pancake “toppings from your choice“
  • Muesli
  • Mashed potatoes

Tandoor Menu

Chicken tikka, onion, cucumber, carot,fresh coriander with lime


Cucmber, lettuce, bell pepper, tomato with lime juice

Ingredients are dipped in a mix of flour with Indian spices and deep fried with love.


Choose your favorite Pakora





Chef’s selection of deep fried chicken, Shrimps, potatoes and indian cheese.


Deep fried wraps of ginger and curry potato


Butter fried potato with ginger and coriander


Fried papadum with chopped onion, tomato, ginger and coriander


Lentil soup with diced chicken and rice


Fresh tomatoes, cream and Indian spices

Choose your favorite Lassi


Refreshing blend of yoghurt and mango juice


Fresh yoghurt with a pinch of salt or sugar as per your choice

Tandoor is a traditional clay oven. The heat is generated by burning charcoal which exposes the food to a live-fire and makes it tender and bursting with flavor. Our signature chicken is marinated in yoghurt, seasoned with our special blend of Indian spices.


Half chicken, yoghurt marinade, Indian spices


Boneless chicken, yoghurt marinade, Indian spices


Skewers of minced lamb, Indian spices


Lamb cubes, yoghurt marinade, onions and bell pepper


Chef’s selection of tandoori lamb, chicken, shrimp & kebab


Chicken cubes marinated in cream and cashew nut


Fried chicken chaunk with spicy, red marinated

Curry is a traditional North Indian dish. The common feature is the incorporation of complex combinations of spices and herbs, usually includes fresh or dried chillies. To prepare this Indian staple some use whole curry tree leaves, some prefer to ground them. Raw or cooked they are giving the dish its significant authentic taste.


Prawns, coconut milk, Indian spices


Prawn, tomato sauce, hot spices


Chicken cubes, coconut milk, cream sauce


Traditional dish with tender chicken


Tandoor boneless chicken, creamy and spicy tomato sauce


Tandoor boneless chicken, rich and creamy tomato sauce, bell pepper


Chicken with butter, ginger and spinach


Tandoor boneless chicken, potatoes rich spicy sauce


Chicken filly cooked with pepper and onion


Tender lamb, coconut milk and rich almond sauce


Kashmiris specialty with tender lamb and traditional spices


Tender lamb, signature spicy masala sauce


Tender lamb, minced lamb, indian hot spicy

Home made cottage cheese cooked with cream spinach


Fresh seasonal with curry and spices


Lentils seasonal with spices and butter


Black lentils with spices and butter


Potato cooked with ginger coriander and muted seeds


Rosted eggplant cooked with ginger, garlic mixed with Indian spicy


Chick peas cooked with mixed Indian spices


Homemade cottage cheese cooked with cubes of color pepper and fresh creamy

Basmati rice cooked with brown onion and Indian spices


Basmati rice with vegetables


160 EGP

Mughal favorite, basmati rice with Chicken


Mughal favorite, basmati rice with lamb


Basmati rice ,prawns cooked in yoghurt and spices


Basmati rice with nuts and coconut.


Steamed basmati rice


Basmati rice cooked green peas


steamed basmati rice cooked with cumin seeds


Tandoor baked bread, plain or with garlic


Indian bread filled with minced meat


Indian bread filled with cottage cheese


Indian bread filled with mashed potato


Thin and crispy indian bread


Indian ice cream with nuts


Golden fried Indian cheese with sugar syrup


Fresh seasonal fruits


Tea, milk, special Indian masala





45 EGP



Orange / lemon


Apple / orange / pineapple / guava









By glass Shahrazad Or Omar EL Khayam


100 EGP


By bottle



390 EGP


470 EGP


520 EGP



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