two men cleaning up garbage beach desert el gouna during earth week

One With Nature: Earth Week once more in EL Gouna, March 5th – 12th

As the first destination in Africa and the region to receive the Global Green Award in 2014, El Gouna practises sustainability each and every day. Inhabited by a vibrant community, committed to environmental friendliness, our hotels ensure those same green values are upheld across the town’s hospitality venues.

This year’s EARTH WEEK marks another planet loving celebration and we are inviting you to join and become one with nature at El Gouna!

Check out the full event schedule here.

Beach Clean-up
Monday, 7th

men cleaning up beach garbage bags el gouna

The annual beach clean-up will take place and the entire community gathers for this unique event. It’s not just about picking up waste and clearing the beach, it’s a chance to engage with the people who make this place what it is and to truly experience the spirit of El Gouna. Casa Cook, Cook’s Club, Club Paradiso, Ancient Sands, Steigenberger, Sultan Bey, Dawar El Omda, Sheraton, Mövenpick and Abu Tig Marina hotels (Ali Pasha, Three Corners Ocean View, Fanadir, Mosaique, Captain’s Inn) all participate in this community activity with the passion to preserve nature’s pristine beauty and we can’t think of a better way for you to trek and tour the shores of our town.


Lights Out!
Tuesday, 8th

Each year during Earth Week, El Gouna interrupts electricity consumption and cuts down further on its impact. It serves as a great reminder of the importance of energy conservation and how the simplest practices can go a long way. Cook’s Club, Sultan Bey, Dawar El Omda and Abu Tig Marina Hotels will collectively turn off their electricity for a few minutes, sending much love to the Earth!

Light out Earth weeek el gouna event Egypt

Gounie & Green
Thursday, 10th

HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association) partners with El Gouna in their shared dedication to protecting nature and conserving our planet’s valuable resources. This year they’ve planned an exciting training for staff, residents, and friends. The training will host a series of workshops aiming to encourage ongoing sustainability efforts, promote new smart green practices and most importantly, offer guidance on identifying and conserving endangered marine life.


Plant a Tree
Thursday, 10th

planting a tree earth week el gouna

Offering havens of shade under a burning sun, shelter from rainclouds, a playful hideout for the adventurous child and breathable air for us all, a tree is our most precious best friend. Casa Cook, Cook’s Club, Club Paradiso, Ancient Sands, Steigenberger, Sultan Bey, Dawar El Omda, Sheraton and Abu Tig Marina hotels are all ready to till the soil and plant new trees across the town’s existing lush stretches of picturesque landscapes.


Earth Market
Friday, 11th

Earth Week Green Market El Gouna

Casa Cook will participate in the Earth market in Downtown’s El Kafr, offering locally made products, sustainable crafts and items made from recycled materials. Shop Earth friendly treasures and mingle with a like-minded tribe of free-spirited Gounies.


Reduce, Reuse, Race!
Saturday, 12th

building a raft el gouna earth week

Another adventure that has become a lovable and much-anticipated annual event is back. This year’s raft race will continue to host creative explorers, with a special team from Cook’s Club, Sheraton and Mövenpick excited to participate! Teams gather at the Clubhouse, design and assemble a raft that is made entirely of recycled materials before heading to the lagoon for a friendly water race.


Goodbye Plastic: Brita is Finally Here

Brita filters are escorting bottled water out with no return. In its dedication to operate sustainably, Casa Cook is replacing bottled water entirely with clean, potable and frankly delicious drinking water thanks to having acquired the world’s number 1 water filtration system. Zero plastic waste is just a Brita glass away!

Make sure you check out the full list of events happening around town this Earth Week. El Gouna Hotels invite you to please take a moment and remind yourself of Earth loving practices during your stay:

  • Pack light and shop your necessities on-site from the wonderful range of local products available across the town’s eco-conscious brands
  • Drop the car and take walks, cycle safely along our designated paths or hop on a tuctuc
  • Avoid leaving the taps on unnecessarily as this wastes a significant amount of water
  • Rely on natural light whenever possible and try to limit your use of electrical appliances
  • Reuse items and remind yourself of recommended towel/sheet disposal code to further limit water and electricity consumption
  • Order delicious vegan and meat-free meals for more environmentally friendly dining experiences

For more details, check out El Gouna Earth People’s Facebook page here.

Samaa Ayman

Samaa Ayman

Sam Ayman is a Rowayat award winning writer, academic consultant and one very proud mama bear. In 2015 she moved to El Gouna, inspired by its incomparable charm and unique identity. Besides raising her little Gounie Roman Pharaoh, Sam enjoys messing up her kitchen and pretending to workout. After years of publishing short works and stories, her debut novel The King's Debt was released in 2019. The gripping thriller explores social dynamics and gender issues through several feminist perspectives.

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