Top 10 Unique El Gouna Experiences – part.1

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you’ve definitely heard of the Red Sea resort paradise of El Gouna. This diverse town by the coast of Egypt simply combines an array of incomparable perks that cater to both tourists and hopeful residents alike.
Sounds too good to be true?
Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 experiences that can be enjoyed exclusively in El Gouna:

10- A Resort with The Best of Both Worlds

We’re all familiar with the age-old saying “you can’t have it all”. Well, it seems the person behind it was never lucky enough to come here. In El Gouna, the harmonious blend between the best of Egyptian and Western cultures is remarkably organic and successful.

You’ll see Gounies (or G-Natives) taking a stroll wearing whatever they feel comfortable in and experience the refreshing organisation and immaculate cleanliness of the streets. You’ll hear voices of chatter in a myriad of languages, with ‘excitement’ being the one common ring resonating in your ears. The eclectic sounds of a local band playing nearby will stop you dead in your tracks, and when you least expect it, a wandering whiff of tantalising promises will cross your path, welcoming you to enjoy an endless array of dining possibilities.

El Gouna beaches

9- Tummy Passport to the Best Food in Egypt

A global variety of cuisine all in walking distance? Yes, you read that right. In El Gouna, you can satisfy your cravings for some good old English fish and chips, whilst your more hardcore friends are literally 20 footsteps away to your left, munching some of the best Indian food you’ll ever taste!

El Gouna’s wide selection of restaurants offers your eager tummy a mouth-watering assortment of 100+ dining options across a spectrum of worldwide cuisine and hotel buffets, a selection so plentiful and so inspiringly competitive, we guarantee you’ll have to take a vote next time you and your mates are making breakfast, lunch and dinner plans!

Too much partying the night before?
No worries: we’ve all had too much of a good thing at some point or another!
Fancy a home cooked meal with an ethnic touch? Just head down to any of our local supermarkets and you’ll find uncountable options of imported goodies to make sure you can enjoy a quiet night in with your favourite soul food working its magic in the oven!

Don’t forget to check out El Gouna’s Dine Around program if you are staying on Half Board or All Inclusive in one of El Gouna Hotels!

The Smokery Restaurant El Gouna

Image source: The Smokery

8- Salute, Egypt!

Number 8 on our list is sure to impress. El Gouna boasts its very own winery and local beverage produce, where you can select from a range of beers, wines, champagne or even spirits. Because where else can you host friends with a casual, “Gounie Spritz, anyone?”


7 – Bike Away around El Gouna!

With the traffic mania of the big city, and the general lack of enthusiasm towards many forms of exercise, we all know the term ‘cycling lane’ and Egypt are not synonymous. Yet El Gouna offers cyclists the safety and space they need to enjoy their favourite exercise. We’ll also spare you the horrors of inhaling pure toxic gases whilst you cycle; El Gouna’s dedication to preserving the environment, making it one of the most loyal places on Earth to staying green, ensures you a carefree cycling experience. And if you ever feel like giving the wheels a rest, you can take a carefree stroll whilst enjoying our spectacular golf course or daydreaming along the sun kissed sea side beaches.


6- Free Souls

One of the most enriching experiences El Gouna can uniquely offer you is the family feeling of belonging within this free spirited community. Whether you are visiting or here to stay, Gounies ( or G-Natives) will constantly touch you with their friendliness and warm exuberance for life. Here, the fun is limitless, so you’ll be able to meet with friends for a yoga session by the beach, pick up your children after school on your quad, or even rollerblade to work! This is because living here transitions you to a lifestyle of freedom and relaxation. So as a new local, once you’ve declared yourself part of the El Gouna community there’s no limit to your creativity and no expiration date for your peace of mind.

Stay tuned for more unique experiences that are in all essence the #ElGounaStateOfMind!

Samaa Ayman

Samaa Ayman

Sam Ayman is a Rowayat award winning writer, academic consultant and one very proud mama bear. In 2015 she moved to El Gouna, inspired by its incomparable charm and unique identity. Besides raising her little Gounie Roman Pharaoh, Sam enjoys messing up her kitchen and pretending to workout. After years of publishing short works and stories, her debut novel The King's Debt was released in 2019. The gripping thriller explores social dynamics and gender issues through several feminist perspectives.

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