Cook’s Club hotel opening soon in El Gouna

The Gorgeous El Gouna is bringing signature Cook’s Club experience to the region

Thomas Cook, the leading leisure travel company, has just added a unique offering to its hotel chains – Cook’s Club; kicking off with their very first in Crete, Greece in May 2019, and with seven more in the pipeline for the same year, it sounds like they knew the kind of turnout and demand they would receive.

Scheduled to open in El Gouna in August 2019, Cook’s Club El Gouna promises an unforgettable experience that will keep the bohemian souls coming back; “Hotels for a new generation of travellers” – that’s their slogan. We talked to Remo Masala, Thomas Cook’s Chief Marketing Officer to get us even more intrigued as we await the grand opening.

Q: 2019 is quite a big year for Cook’s Club with openings in different destinations around the world: three in Greece, two in Turkey, and in Spain, Bulgaria, and Egypt. Why did you choose to open all eight hotels in the same year?

A: We are always studying the patterns and needs of the younger travellers, and we are constantly translating those needs into experiences. Cook’s Club concept has been in the making for the past three years, and after the launch of its first in Crete, we saw how much our guests loved it that a lot actually came back again in the same season. We got so much attention from the media and were celebrated as a real innovation for the upcoming generation of travellers. From a commercial standpoint, our research and outcome on solid ground proved to be quite a success, and so we’re keeping momentum.

pool area and seatings in cook's club hotel el gouna

Q: You mention that your hotels are for “a new generation of travellers”; how would you describe the guests who choose to stay at Cook’s Club?

A: They would be between 21 and 38 years old, working in the service industries, witnessing and being part of the fast developments of the digital world. They have a modern and contemporary lifestyle, with a different concept of currency in their mind, that of value for money rather than a literal spending currency.

Q: How did El Gouna become one of your chosen destinations? 

A: Egypt is a must when you want to expand your hotel business into a whole-year round destination, and El Gouna is undoubtedly a perfect place in terms of infrastructure, beaches and watersport facilities. El Gouna is a destination on its own and quite an experience hub; with a lot of day-time excursions and adventures, and evening spots to share and make new memories and experiences, El Gouna offers a kind of “coming home” feeling that matches Cook’s Club offering.

group of friends having a drink in cook's club hotel el gouna pool

Q: With the current pace always picking up faster than ever and with everyone always being connected online, would Cook’s Club be a “WIFI all around” kind of hotel or would you perhaps not offer that as a way for people to have more human connections while on vacation? 

A: WIFI all around is key; our guests grew up in a digital environment and this is part of their lifestyle. Cooks Club is a designed stage to foster the creativity of our guests. If you follow #cooksclubhotels on Instagram, you will see how common it is to share their relaxed moods, perfect food and lovely cocktails, and the new friends they make as they stay connected.

 Q: What makes Cook’s Club El Gouna an inviting hotel? 

A: Cook’s Club El Gouna will be a special place amongst all Cooks Club. With the private beach in front of the hotel, the oversized pool surrounded with wooden deck, the swimming wooden platforms in front of the beach and the lovely wooden restaurant is just one of a kind. You see wood is an essential part of the coziness we offer. Our rooms have a beautiful and simple design with a warm welcome feeling. You can relax and listen to chilled sounds or plan a trip with friends to one of El Gouna’s special experiences.

twin bed room with pool view at cook's club el gouna hotel

Q: Tell us about what Cook’s Club adds to its clients’ holiday experience.

A: Cook’s Club is a new hotel experience; like-minded people finally have a place to meet and mingle, make friends sharing the same lifestyle and interests. Cook’s Club El Gouna is a unique experience for a memorable holiday. We work with an international network of DJs offering chilled sets creating a mood over an atmospheric pool area with lots of space and aesthetically designed furniture. The center of the hotel is the bar and the restaurant with mixologist-created cocktails and fantastic food inspired by street food trends. You could say: we are more of a beach club with modernly designed rooms than a hotel with a restaurant and bar. Our focus lies in the laid-back feel with hotel staff that certainly adds to the experience and makes a difference to our guests’ stay.

Q: The color palettes at Cook’s Club in all your destinations are earthy and very easy on the eye, yet offer a twist with minimalistic luxury; where would you say those details would be felt and experienced? 

A: Everywhere; even when things might look “imperfect”, that’s the idea. We designed every single corner of the hotel in a way that doesn’t burden your eyes with endless creativity, but rather a minimalistic way reminding our guests that we understand their lifestyle and build on it rather than annoy them with too many design factors.

Cook’s Club El Gouna is referred to as the “Bedouin Inspired Retreat” with 144 rooms overlooking gardens, the lagoon, or the pool, and an ideal location in El Gouna’s downtown area where you would be a walk away from its hub of shops, restaurants, and bars. The hotel is now open for reservations with an exclusive 10% on August 2019 bookings.

cook's club hotel el gouna lobby area with modern furniture

Hadeel El Deeb

Hadeel El Deeb

She always had the dream to live by the sea, and in 2014 that dream became a beautiful reality when Hadeel and her husband started their life together as a married couple in El Gouna. In love with her surroundings and inspired by the town’s community living , Hadeel picked up her pen again and started writing for El Gouna magazine, her own series of short stories, and now for Orascom Hotels blog.

Hadeel El Deeb graduated in 2004 from the American University in Cairo with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and has been working in Public Relations since then. She has experience working with hotels, law firms, luxury brands, music talents, and had started her own online magazine in 2013.

El Gouna has a very special place in Hadeel’s heart; it is where she first met her husband in 2009, started a life together five years after, watched her baby take her first steps in 2018, and where she learned a whole new side about herself with the new found love of water sports.

In April 2019, Hadeel and her husband left El Gouna to start a new adventure with their toddler in Muscat, Oman where she will continue to write and work on her first book to be published in the near future.

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