Christmas Turkey recipe from Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna

There are four things which come to mind as soon as we start speaking about Christmas; and they are Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, snow and Christmas dinner.

Well, in this post, I wanted to give you a small Christmas gift, one that the whole family can enjoy, and so I thought what better gift to give you than a special Christmas Turkey recipe. And immediately, I thought of Steigenberger Golf Resort, one of the best five-star hotels in El Gouna, and usually praised for their delicious cuisine.

I contacted their head Chef, Chef Nageh and asked him to share with us his recipe, and he accepted with pleasure.

I went to meet Chef Nageh at the hotel, and I was truly impressed. This decent proud upper Egyptian gentleman welcomed me with his catchy smile and insisted to take me for a tour around the kitchen, and it seems to me like I have walked into Santa’s little workshop. An army of cooks working hand and foot on the preparation of the Christmas decoration they plan to put up in the restaurant, tens of little gingerbread houses, little sugar Santas, and more … it was truly a joyful sight.

Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna Christmas

With all the Christmas spirit around the hotel, the image that would come to mind would be little kids running around in their winter coats, wearing their gloves, and putting on their earmuffs, but no … let me break it to you, guests were totally enjoying the amazing weather, some were splashing in the heated pool, and others were even SUNBATHING! Yes, you read it right, sunbathing in December. Well, if you know anything about our El Gouna, Red Sea Resort in Egypt, you would know that we are praised for our amazing and sunny weather all year round.

Hotel in el Gouna Steigenberger Golf Resort

Well, this is a topic for another post, but I’m sure you are excited now to find out all about our Christmas Turkey recipe, so, without further ado, here’s what you have to do.

**This recipe yields for 10 servings

 You will first need to have the below Ingrediency:

1 whole turkey: 7 kg
Fresh Garlic: 180 gr
Fresh Onion: 1 kg
Celery sticks: 400 gr
Nutmeg: 200 M
Olive oil: 250 gr
Fresh sage: 100 gr
Fresh rosemary: 150 gr
Kitchen salt: 120 gr
White Pepper: 100 gr
Dried Apricots: 150 gr
Fresh celery: 300 gr
Fresh carrots: 600 gr
Fresh orange: 500 gr
Fresh Lemon: 150 gr
Butter block: 700 gr
Cranberry: 300 gr
Chestnuts: 1 kg

  1. First of all, soften the butter, prepare the lemon zest, mince the garlic grate the nutmeg and mix them all together with some pepper.
    Tip: When zesting the lemon, be sure to take off only the thin outer zest or colored portion (leaving the pith on the fruit).  The white pith will give your dish a bitter under taste.
  2. Then it’s time to put your hands on that turkey! Tuck the wings underneath and separate the skin of the breast from the meat, creating a pocket, then stuff this pocket with the butter mixture and make sure to push it along the breast.
  3. Add salt and all herbs in the turkey’s cavity, along with lemon wedges, bay leaves, olive oil and coat the turkey with salt & pepper.
  4. Dice the red onions, carrot, celery, and add some fresh rosemary. Then add all those vegetables to a large roasting pan. Add olive oil and mix well, then add the turkey neck with vegetables.
  5. Tie those turkey legs, place the bird on top of vegetables, cover it with foil and bake it first for 30 minutes at 180°C Or 350°F
  6. Remove the foil to get the gold color and continue roasting at 160°C Or 320°F, then cover with foil rest 60 To 90 Minutes.
  7. Remove the turkey, and take the vegetables underneath it to the stove, and heat them again gently, then add to them a couple of spoons of flour and stir it well until you have thick consistency for your delicious gravy.
  8. Strain the gravy and to take away all the sold parts, and add to it cranberry sauce and mix well. Your gravy is now done.

 Now make sure to carve the Turkey while it’s moist, and serve it with gravy sauce & glazed chestnuts.

Christmas Turkey Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna

That’s all now for our Christmas Turkey recipe from Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna, and we wish you a Merry Christmas, and an amazing Christmas dinner gathering all the way from our amazing Red Sea Resort!

Bon Appétit

More about Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna here.

Steigenberger Golf Resort El Gouna is also part of the Dine Around program, find out more about the Dine Around program here.

Ghada Amin

Ghada Amin

In 2006 Ghada moved to El Gouna along with her tiny family, which have now grown to be a family of five including three little native Gounie citizens. As a working mother, and a member of Orascom family for over 10 years, Ghada had the opportunity to enjoy a 360 degrees experience of what El Gouna and its community has to offer, and has fallen in love with this marvelous town she now calls home.

As a talented cook, and a devoted foodie, Ghada will be taking you on a journey through the town’s versatile restaurants, trying to unveil El Gouna’s culinary secrets, and letting you in on special yummy recipes from the different cuisines around El Gouna.

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