Tandoor renovated terrace and restaurant in abu tig marina

From the heart of India and the soul of Asia: newly reimagined and reinvented Tandoor promises a delightful culinary fusion without the confusion.

At that dearly familiar turn where Abu Tig Marina waves in welcome, a delightful surprise finally reveals itself at El Gouna’s Ali Pasha Hotel. Tandoor is back in action and the team at the heart of this authentic Indian restaurant have put together a purely magical twist to Tandoor’s culinary traditions, by spicing up their decadent menu with Asian soulful infusions from the Far East. They’ve really stepped up to exceed expectations with genius spirit in design, ambience, and a riveting gastronomic experience.

A symmetry in motion is nothing short of an enticing greeting. The entrance beckons guests beneath the bamboo shaded haven of a palatial gazebo and come evening, the distinctively placed pendant lights running diagonally across the roof shine like the wings of a midsummer ocean breeze. Here, relaxation, fun vibes and spacious musings are understatements with plenty of seating options to accommodate all sorts of numbers no matter what the occasion to gather may be. Bamboo low chilled armchairs flank round coffee tables, high-chairs perch elegantly on ebony cast-iron legs surrounding stunning wooden tables that glow with a distinctively brass tint in the sun, and wide-set sofas are decked in rainbow threads of linen for the more laid-back souls.



bar at abu tig marina by dawn with sofa and chairs


Then there’s the star; the newly envisioned Tandoor bar has finally arrived!

This anticipated gem of the terrace rises from the ground amidst a gorgeous yet subtle mosaic tiling, boasting jade, teal and aquamarine hues that harmoniously tease at El Gouna’s sparkling sea beyond. Backdropped by a mural that is so deliciously Kandinsky in impression, it simply sets your mind to indulge with a fine drink in hand.


Amidst eclectic, jazz and chill-out beats, savour a sophisticated Asian Century pick such as the Smoked Old Fashioned (crafted with whisky and homemade caramel smoked with cherry wood), taste a refined cocktail such as the signature Japanese Slipper (a daring mix of homemade lemon liqueur, triple sec, lime juice cherry and dry orange) or even opt for a non-alcoholic beverage like the refreshing Peach Ginger Iced Tea. The bar’s menu offers an enviable collection of fancy cocktails, long drinks, wines, aperitifs, as well as non-alcoholic options and Al Fresco Hors d’Oeuvres.

But this is only an enticing beginning.

tandoor lounge bar at abu tig marina


Tandoor  restaurant new interior design

To tread beneath the familiar elephant mural and enter through teal doors that complement the azure waters of Abu Tig Marina beyond is to step into a dream. The interior design is an earthly inspiration in unique collaboration with contemporary flairs. Tandoor’s powder celeste and orchid pink arches subtly peek through angelic white walls like heavenly gates, bejewelled with palatial brass pendant lights dropping like elegant centrepieces from El Gouna’s staple domes. Their perforated symmetry adds a twinkle effect to this magical ceiling display above you.


There are reclined sofa seats for sizeable groups and rustic wooden chairs for more intimate gatherings, lit by cosy, half-moon granite wall shades. These delicate mood lights tease at the chair cushions, upholstered in incredibly fine and subtle rainbow threads of linen- a softer version of their counterparts on the open-air terrace sofas. Bronze vases with slender, lush Areca palms add graceful green notes to this ethereal dream whereas creamy blinds allow minimalist natural light to enter, completing the elemental harmony within this genius vision of ambience and design.

interior tables for dinner setting at Tandoor restaurant Egypt


Indian and new fusion Asian Cuisine

Indian cuisine and Far East recipes carry intense flavours, and this reimagined interior sets the perfect tone of ease and comfort, to entice rather than overwhelm the eager palate. In similar fashion, the soundtrack to your dining experience is a refreshing selection of acoustic vocalists and contemporary up-beat bands like Pink Martini.

Now the tone is set for an unforgettable culinary experience. The signature dish is Dum Biryani Lamb and it’s a real showstopper. Prepared with love by the talented Vijay Singh (Tandoor’s resident Indian chef) the Biryani is cooked in a traditional clay pot (tandoor) to enhance the fusion of flavours. Once it arrives to your marble top table, you’ll involuntarily hold your breath in intrigue because this signature dish is truly an orchestra of its own! Tandoor’s Dum Biryani offers a grand unveiling: watch the waiter slice through the Roti (baked bread which serves as a wrap), as the mists of fresh ginger, exotic saffron and chili rise to greet the palate, for a melt-in-your-mouth lasting impression.

indian food with spices


You’ll enjoy your food on chinaware intricately selected to maximise this pleasurable meal. Plates and bowls in clandestine grey and jade swirl around argento and aurum soft details, catching the light and warming your soul.

The menu has been upgraded to offer an expansive selection and a more inclusive culinary experience, welcoming a wider range of tastes. Check out the Kebabs, Curries, Vegetarian options or Wok creations from the newly curated items on Tandoor’s menu. You’ll want to end your meal on a sweet note and the signature dessert is definitely worth the wait. The sublimely soft berry sized Gulab Jamun floats in rose syrup with a sprinkle of coconut crowning it like the queen of desserts it is!

Wines are displayed in an elegant celeste niche at the end of the room, so feel free to pair your meal with your favourite drink from local vineyards. The cool air within is climatised by ACs tucked in angelic white mashrabeya style intricate woodwork, paying homage to Ali Pasha Hotel’s signature atmosphere and decor.

Finally, Earthly inspirations here are not simply decorative musings. Committed to preserving El Gouna’s efforts in environmental sustainability, Tandoor’s take-away and delivery containers are Earth friendly. Designed for easier reheating at home, the new and improved packaging is not only greener, it’s smarter- transferring the authentic Tandoor experience to the comfort of your home.


tandoor restaurant exterior terrace with sofa and high chairs

For orders and delivery, call 01281090188

The reopening of Tandoor promises exquisite drinks, an attractive pre-party hub, decadent authentic Indian food with Far Eastern tones, and an Earth loving gorgeously harmonious ambience all backdropped by the crystal azure waters of the one and only Abu Tig Marina.

Samaa Ayman

Samaa Ayman

Sam Ayman is a Rowayat award winning writer, academic consultant and one very proud mama bear. In 2015 she moved to El Gouna, inspired by its incomparable charm and unique identity. Besides raising her little Gounie Roman Pharaoh, Sam enjoys messing up her kitchen and pretending to workout. After years of publishing short works and stories, her debut novel The King's Debt was released in 2019. The gripping thriller explores social dynamics and gender issues through several feminist perspectives.

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