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When it comes to catering, we believe that every meal should be a moment of joy and celebration. Our team devote their expertise to make your event an unforgettable one.

Who are 360 Events & Catering ?

360 Events & Catering is a catering service based in El Gouna and serves across the Red Sea – including Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh and Soma Bay. What sets them apart from any other catering service? The answer comes in one simple word: experience. 360 Events & Catering brings you the best combination of the catering services offered by Orascom Hotels and EL Gouna destination venues. Little needs to be said about the years of refinement that the hotels and associates have perfected over their years.

El Gouna Venues

Since 360 Events & Catering brings so many hotels’ food and beverage into one melting pot, it only seems fitting to offer most of Orascom Hotels’ premises as options for events, parties and weddings. Some hotels offer luscious golf course views while others overlook the strikingly blue seas. With so many different styles and each with its own unique ambience, any event planner is spoiled for choice as to what they might want in a venue.

overview of El Gouna lagoons and red sea

360 Menus

360 Events & Catering will naturally provide customized menus for any occasion but it’s always good to have a starting point to give patrons an idea of where to go. On their website, you can see the various options and can choose from a variety of starting points: Arabian night, Barbeques, Mexican and more. 360 Catering also understand dietary restrictions perfectly and will accommodate any restrictions for you and your guests.

360 Events

Although 360 Catering offers catering as it’s primary function, they also create their own tailor-made even

ts as well as customized events . 360 Catering will go the extra mile to create a unique concept to suit your every single request. For example, The ‘Arabic Night Oasis 360’ offers local Egyptian cuisine in the quiet of the desert, while the ‘Bronx Party’ brings a hip-hop / urban experience from New York all the way to El Gouna.


In closing

360 Catering does really understand every angle of catering and how to deliver the best catering to El Gouna, Hurghada and beyond. With highly efficient associates, experienced chefs and a high standard to maintain, 360 Catering always aims to put the customer and the client first.

For more informations e-mail or phone

New website launched : https://360.elgouna.com/

Craig Botes

Craig Botes

South African by birth, Craig Botes has traveled the world, living in many areas, absorbing the cultures and ways of different people. Travelling the world broadens the mind and Craig has learned the width and breadth of different cultures. Yet, he has decided to make El Gouna his home due to the child friendly environment, lavish blue waters, and the wisdom of the desert beyond.

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